Rule of Life

This Rule of Life has been developed for use by the members of the Order of Our Lady — New Mexico. It has not necessarily been adopted for use by any other chapter of the Order. 

If you would like to download the Rule, just click here.

If you would like to pray the Offices, you will need a Liberal Catholic Liturgy, available from St. Alban Press or from any of the New Mexico parishes. A current liturgical calendar (coming soon) will also be very helpful.

Order of Our Lady • Rule of Life

The Holy Eucharist

The Holy Eucharist is the central act of Christian worship, given to us by Our Lord Himself. Each time the Eucharist is celebrated, “there passes into the world a wave of peace and strength, the effect of which can hardly be overrated.” Our personal rule therefore calls us to frequent participation in this Sacrament.

Personal Prayer

Prayer and meditation lead us to the Source of our spirituality. We commit to a daily practice of meditation and prayer, including silence or contemplation, intercessory prayer or Our Lady’s Rosary of the Seven Rays, and the recitation of one Office (Prime, Sext, or Complin).


To nurture Christ’s Presence growing in us, and to follow the example set by Our Lady, we commit to regular introspection, examining ourselves and our world with clear eyes and a calm heart. We treat ourselves and others with kindness. We are called to a life of simplicity and joy. We willingly and humbly release habits of thought or life that impede our progress on the path which leads to the Throne of God. 


Silent retreats and quiet days nourish us and help us maintain balance throughout the busy-ness of daily life. At least once a year, we participate in organized or private retreats.


We seek to learn more about God’s plan for us and for all evolution. Study of the Scriptures and of Liberal Catholic doctrines is important to our growth as Christians and to our individual spirituality. Such study includes the Liberal Catholic Institute of Studies, in addition to the Psalms and Lessons in the Offices. Daily spiritual reading is recommended. 


Service is an important part of our Marian vocation. To keep the names of Our Lady and her Son in our minds and hearts in the pursuit of daily tasks helps us perform those tasks with joy and gladness. Our vocation may lead us to serve God and others in individual life ministries.


As members of the Order of Our Lady we are obedient to the decisions of our Regionary Bishop and the Episcopal Synod of The Liberal Catholic Church. We are faithful to our daily practices, we support each other by prayer, by action, and by attendance at Order meetings. We report regularly to the Order on the keeping of our Rule. We have Spiritual Directors whom we see a minimum of twice a year.

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